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               is an online art gallery specialising in the sale of original paintings and creations.
All the artworks are original and free worldwide shipping is offered to all our customers.

If you are interested in acquiring unique paintings for your home or office our online art gallery provides you with a simple purchasing platform that puts you in direct contact with the artist without paying high commissions to a "middle man," such as an art gallery. The work of Maryam Deyhim is featured here, a talented Iranian artist with a vibrant and original style. Unique and instantly recognisable.

Maryam studied graphic design in Iran. She is a self-taught painter through exploration and experimentation with no significant artistic influences though she has a particular interest in the works of Monet, Picasso and the art of the Cubist art movement.

The first public exhibition of Maryam's artwork took place at the Art Tendency exhibition in Lugano, Switzerland in March 2012 and has she since exhibited in Dubai, London and Taiwan, and has been shortlisted for numerous awards, taking 1st places in the 2013 and 2014 American Art Awards.

Maryam is founder and partner in together with Paul Matthews.

Please take your time to browse the site and the images of her recent work.